5 Tips For Faking a Flawless Face Every Day



Not all of us are born with perfect skin. If you’re like me, your face doesn’t exactly glow like a goddess when you wake up in the morning. Some women can walk out the door with just a swipe of mascara and a dash of gloss, but for me, I need at least a bit of concealer (okay, maybe A LOT of concealer) to feel presentable. I’ve accepted my imperfections but I’ve also learned a few tricks for faking flawless skin to use when I need a little extra help. Here are my favorite 5 tips:

1. The Benefit Primer That Outlasts Birchbox Co-Founder Katia’s 15-Hour Day

The very first step in having long-lasting, flawless makeup is using a great primer. After working hard to perfectly blend your foundation, there’s nothing worse than having it break up or smear throughout the day. That’s why I’ve added this Stay Flawless Primer from Benefit to my makeup arsenal. It holds up for 15-hours, which means you won’t have to worry about your makeup sliding or wearing off. 

2. Top Beauty Blunders: Foundation Blending

Now that we’ve got our face primed, next is foundation and concealer. While it may seem easy enough to blend out your base makeup, a lot of women fall victim to disastrous foundation situations. From mismatched shades to concealer abuse, these top beauty blunders expose the most common foundation blending mistakes and how to fix them. 

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